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Last Update for WhoIsHenry.com

I started posting content and articles here on my WhoIsHenry.com website back in March of 2007 following a format that my friend and business associate Jeff Mills shared with me. Since that time I’ve mainly posted information here related to online marketing and helping people who wanted to start their own home based business to make money on the Internet. As you can see, until today, I’ve not posted anything new here since January 2013. This post today will be my last on this website and blog.

I have recommitted my focus and efforts to primarily help local business owners use the tools of Internet Marketing and Social Media to strategically plan and build their online presence to get more leads, referrals and sales for them. I will still help others who want to start their own online or off-line based businesses however, most of my work for customers will be targeting local business owners (SMB).

If you are interested in getting help for your local business or, you want to look into starting your own online or off-line home based business you can find my current information and content at the following websites. Please Contact Me if you have any needs or questions.

Want Help With Your Local Brick & Mortar Business?

The Internet Marketing Technology Workshop

Mission Spring Marketing – WordPress Website Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing Services

Want to start a simple Home Based Business?

SendOutCards – Greeting Card & Gifting Business Opportunites

Solavei – Social Commerce with Discounted Cell Phone Service and the Solavei Marketplace


Facebook Has A New Search Engine – Graph Search

I just read about the news conference that Mark Zuckerburg did today to announce that Facebook is launching their own search engine, Graph Search. See my posting about it over on my Mission Springs Marketing website.

HostGator’s 10th Birthday Special Promotion Discounts

This is HostGator’s 10th Birthday Anniversary and to celebrate Snappy’s doing some very Special Promotions giving huge discounts but, this promotion will only be on Monday October 22nd from 12:00am CDT to 11:59PM CDT October 22nd.

HostGator 10th Anniversary SaleThe Special Promotion Pricing Today Only at HostGator included:

  • 40% Off ALL Hosting Plans
  • $5 All Domain Names
  • Shared hosting: As low as $4.95 Now only: $2.97/month (pre-paid)
  • Reseller Hosting: As low as $24.95 Now Only: $14.97/month (pre-paid)

Click on the banner image for complete detains and pricing.

iPhone Mobile App for SendOutCards Now Available

iPhone Mobile App for SendOutCardsMy company SendOutCards just released a major update to our original mobile app this week. We now have a fully functional iPhone Mobile App that you can use to send real greeting cards AND gifts right from your iPhone or iPad.

Try out our new SendOutCards iPhone Mobile App for free. Install the app from the Apple Store and use my code: 30728 to send up to 2 REAL greeting cards in the mail.

With a card catalog of over 15,000 cards and hundreds of gifts to pick from this new tool is already a big hit with many individuals and business professionals alike. Think about this example. Mr. Ron Realtor just listed a beautiful new home that he knows would be great for 3 or 4 of his prospects who are looking for a home like this. While he is at the home he uses his iPhone to take a few photos, then adds those photos to a card and sends the card from his SendOutCards Mobile App before he heads to his next appointment.

Or, you are at your child’s ballgame and just took a picture of them making a winning shot with your iPhone. You create a greeting card, add the photo and send it to Grandma and Grandpa who are going to be so pleased and happy to get that card and the photo in the mail in 3-4 days. You will be a big hit with them.

Watch this video and see a short demonstration of how our new SOC iPhone App works.

Later in October we will be releasing the Android version of the Mobile App so everyone else can use this great new tool also. I’ll be waiting for that to install to my new HTC One S phone.


Sprint the Loser Solavei the Winner in Cell Phone Service

No Thanks Sprint Cell PhoneI called Sprint yesterday to see what I could do to reduce our family plan when I remove my primary phone number on 10/4/12 when my contract expires. I wanted to leave my son and wife on at a reduced plan until later this month when I have time to find a couple new phones for them. I already have my HTC One S phone on the Solavei network that only costs me $49/month with 4G service and Unlimited Voice, Data, Text and NO Roaming charges.

The best that Sprint could do for me is putting the two of them on individual plans for a total of $119/month. My son has a BlackBerry phone which can’t just have voice, it “requires” data. My wife has a flip phone and sometimes uses text. So they each now have a 450 minute per month plan for a total of $119 per month plus all the taxes they put on there. Better than the $180 per month that I just paid but… DANG!

Before the end of this month I will find a couple new or slightly used unlocked GSM phones for my wife and son. After the phone costs it will only cost $49/phone for setup plus $29 one time cost for a new SIM card and payment of the first month of 4G Unlimited Voice, Data, Text with no roaming at $49/month.

Join Solavei and Save on Cell Phone ServiceWhen we help to share Solavei with others and we put just 9 people under each of those 2 phones (wife and son) they will each earn $60 per month back from the company… making $11 per month more than the phone service costs them. NO OTHER PHONE COMPANY PAYS ME BACK! On top of that, if within the first 60 days after activation of their accounts they get those 9 people enrolled they will each earn a Fast Action Bonus of $350. After they get another 3 people enrolled within that first 60 days they make another $300 bonus for a total of $650 FAB. That is enough to pay for a new phone.

Did I mention that with Solavei there is NO CONTRACT. I had to go with a 2 year contract with Sprint, just like most people do when they join one of those other cell phone companies.

I can’t understand why anyone wants to continue paying those high costs for cell phone service. By November first we will be totally free from Sprint and their high costs.

If you are feed up with paying and paying and paying your hard earned money and, would like to have your cell phone on one of the nations best networks (T-Mobile is our carrier) have a look at Solavei Today!


Jeff Mills and Henry Griner to Present Outsource and Leverage Workshop

I wanted to post this quick message here to let you know that my friend and business associate Jeff Mills and I will be presenting our Outsource and Leverage Workshop on September 28th and 29th in Bloomington, MN.

Since 2007 Jeff Mills has been out there teaching how to get ‘out of your own way’ when it comes to successfully running a real internet business or brick and mortar business. Have a look at this still frame from the video on our registration website. Click on the image to watch a short video where Jeff explains what we will be sharing during the workshop.

The Outsource WorkshopJeff says, “I see many people struggling, doing all the work by themselves when others can do the work faster and sometimes better.”

One of the things Jeff has noticed as he studied and interviewed the most successful and wealthy business owners out there was…

1. They did not do much (but make you think they do a lot)

2. They had teams that did a TON of work, setup, websites, got the traffic to them.

3. They used the power of Leverage to get more done and make more money with less efforts.

So, how can someone work less and make more?

The answer is in hiring virtual workers or employees. Jeff Mills and Henry Griner have perfected the process and want to teach you how to do it yourself when you attend this 2 day event on Friday and Saturday, September 28th and 29th. Click to view our information and registration page for the Outsource and Leverage Workshop!

The seating is limited to only 30 people to make it easy to teach and help our students. This is NOT like a major marketing conference with speaker after speaker trying to get you to buy their products or courses. This is a hands on training workshop that will prepare you to go and find the best people to join your team and make your a success!

Register Today before the limited seats are gone.



Weekly SendOutCards Training Events Start This Week

Touring the SendOutCards home office in Salt Lake City, UtahWebinars are a great way to train people as well as promote products and services. I’ve been doing my own webinars and helping others put on webinars for the past four plus years. I know how valuable time is for busy people these days. We can’t always take time to visit face to face and that makes webinars super worthwhile for helping new people to learn.

This week I begin a series of weekly Free Webinars for my SendOutCards business to share with new people how you can use SOC to send REAL greeting cards and gifts right from your home or office computer. Anyone interested in attending my Tuesday and Wednesday Introduction to SendOutCards is welcome to check my Calendar HERE and then click on a date to complete the registration.

On Saturday mornings I will also do a Live Webinar for new Marketing Distributors where I will teach our SOC Basic Training course. This is also a free event but your will need to follow the instructions on the calendar to ensure that you get credit for attending.

Be sure to visit my SOC Training Calendar page and join me for one of our training dates.

Solavei The $49 Per Month Cell Phone Service Is Here

A new Cell Phone company is taking the country by storm. It’s called Solavei™  and they are offering 4G service with Unlimited Calling, Unlimited Data, Unlimited Text Messaging with No Contract and No Credit Checks.

Not only is all this service available for only $49 per month but, Solavei will pay your cell phone bill for you if you share this and help them get just 9 new customers.

In fact, those 9 new customers that you bring in by sharing Solavei with them can each go and share Solavei with 9 of their family members, friends or co-workers and they will get their cell phone bills paid by Solavei. This is all possible because Solavei is using a Social Commerce Model to build their business rather than the standard business model that all other cell phone companies use.

And, it gets even better than simply getting your cell phone service for Free! How much better? If you continue to share Solavei with others, and your friends do also, you may stand to earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month. After you get your first 9 people, who will be set into groups of 3 called “Trios” you will be paid $20 for every Trio you add to your group. So the first 9 people you share Solavei with who join will earn you $60 PER MONTH! Then it can get even better.

For more information about Solavei you can visit THIS WEBSITE to request complete information. The nation wide public launch or promotion for Solavei will take place on September 23, 2012. When you visit THIS WEBSITE you are simply adding your name to the list of those interested in joining Solavei when it fully opens for business in September. By getting involved today and getting the information you will be able to start sharing Solavei with family and friends and build your list of people ahead of time who want to cut their cell phone bills and start earning monthly income from their cell phones.


Make Money with SendOutCards & Gourmet Fudge Brownies

In a couple days I will be sharing my SendOutCards business with a local business networking group so I sent myself a greeting card with a box of Gourmet Fudge Brownies. The brownies arrived today along with a couple checks from SendOutCards. I’m not allowed to show you the checks but, if you visit the Two Rivers Referrals Networking Group in Elk River, MN this Thursday morning at 7:30am I will let you try a sample of the brownies.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch this short video of what I found in my mailbox today.

Attend Video Marketing Workshop Twin Cities July 21-22

It’s been nearly two years since I teamed up with my friend Jeff Mills to do a weekend workshop in the Twin Cities are of Minneapolis – St. Paul but next weekend Jeff and I will do it again.

Video is HUGE on the internet. In November 2011 the headline read, “Cisco Predicts That 90% Of All Internet Traffic Will Be Video In The Next Three Years.”

There are so many easy and simple ways to make videos and use them to market products and services and to get visitors and traffic to your websites. Jeff gave many examples of this during a recent Meetup presentation in St. Paul.

Jeff and I are putting together a 2 day Video Marketing Workshop, next Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22 to teach and share our knowledge with people in the Twin Cities.

Jeff is a very well known Twin Cities Entrepreneur who has been helping businesses, solopreneurs, coaches and small businesses learn internet marketing.

For the past 7 years I have been a technology consultant for local businesses who need websites and consulting with them on the technical side of marketing online.

Both both Jeff and I will inform, educate and inspire you to discover how to use video for yourself, your company and OTHER companies, by getting paid to make videos for others. With online video becoming such a huge part of the Internet and so many businesses needing to help to shoot, edit and put good quality video online, you can learn how to make a ton of money doing video for them.

If you want to learn more about the workshop, you do need to hurry, as the price increases by $100 on Tuesday, July 17th, so get in early and save that $100 fee! We only have a few seats left so visit the Video Marketing Workshop website and register today before all the seats are gone!

I hope to see you there on July 21-22.