Video On WordPress Blogs Attracts Seach Engines Fast

When I add Video to my Blog postings I get listed in the search engines, like Google, usually in under 30 minutes for whatever keywords that I have in my postings. Those videos attract the search engines in a Big Way!

Okay, so it’s no secret that videos are being used as a marketing and advertising tool ALL over the Internet. In fact, according to a recent online survey:

* More than 123 million Americans will watch online video at least once a month this year (and this number keeps growing)!

* 66% of video viewers have watched online video ads and 44% have taken action on what they have seen

* 3 out of 4 online users will tell a friend about a video they have seen

If that isn’t enough, how about this…

* 65% of online surfers will view video advertisements to their completion (less than 20% read “text only” sites to completion).

* Nearly 3 out of 4 online surfers are watching web videos every week. By the year 2011, it’s estimated this number will climb to 87% of web surfers.

* More than 65% of the people who watch online videos are between the ages of 35 and 64 (and 67% of these folks earn middle to high incomes).

What does all this mean? …

It means that if you are not using video on your websites, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. Seriously – this is NOT some sort of crazy internet marketing hype.

Here is what Skylr Monaghan, owner of Video Sales Letter for WordPress had to say about a recent conversation with one of his customers…

“I recently made a purchase from someone’s website and then bought the $197 upsell ALL because the video convinced me. There was a video guarantee on the website which made me feel that I could trust the seller. I am certain that if these video elements were not on the website – I would NOT have made this purchase. That is what put me over the top – I know now that I MUST figure out how to use video EVERYWHERE I can!”

Skylr found Ben Cope (a very successful WordPress theme designer who, in fact, created the new theme for my blog) and begged him to partner up with him to create a way to make a Video Sales Letter using WordPress, which is by far the easiest way to create and publish a website.

Keep in mind that Skylr doesn’t know the first thing about building websites. In fact, he knows pretty much nothing about HTML code! He simply wanted to be able to put up his own sales letter websites with video, without having to pay someone thousands of dollars for every website he wanted to have made …

The good news is that Ben said “yes” and he designed 10 different Video Sales Letter templates for WordPress that make it very easy for people like you and me to use video to get more subscribers, and even sell more products and services.

If you are sick of seeing everyone else pass you by because they have super cool videos on their websites then go check out what these guys have done … they have made it so easy!

Note: The Big Web Video special offer ended in July but you can still get a great deal on the Video Sales Letter for WordPress.

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