Jobs And The Working World Is Changing – Or Did You Not Notice

Eric Worre posted this video about how things in the working world is changing. I wanted to make sure you got to see this so here is his video. If you have found that the old 40 Year Plan is no longer working, like I did. You might want to go to the 4 Year Plan, like I’m doing now. More on what that means in a later post if you don’t know what I mean.

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You can find all of Eric Worre’s videos and information at Network Marketing Pro.

You Facebook Page Maybe Screwed And Not Getting Any Likes If…

The whole point of creating a Facebook Page for your business is to build a fan base of people interested in your product or service, right?

Facebook Pages are a great tool for interacting with your fans on a regular basis and for them to discover whether or not your product or service is right for them.

But to build a HUGE fan base you need people clicking the all mighty “LIKE” button. Yep, the tiny little button sitting at the top of your page. :-)

Gone are the days of “Become a fan.” Today, it’s all about the “LIKES” and YOU WANT THEM (a lot of them!)

Because without them… you have ZERO reach. If you have zero reach, you make ZERO dollars.

And this is where most Page Admins fall flat on their face.

Let me explain…

Have you ever visited a Facebook Page for a business, only to land on their “Wall” where you see the comments and status updates?

If so, did it make you want to “LIKE” the page? Probably not.

Allowing your visitors to land on your “Wall” is the #1 mistake Page Admins are making all across Facebook.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Because as a Page Admin, you have the ability to create a custom landing page AND set this page as your “Default Landing Tab” for your Page.

You’ll first need to install an iFrame application into your page (which is beyond the scope of this post unfortunately.) This will allow you to create a custom tab on your Page.

Once you have your custom tab, you will want to create some type of “offer” along with a “call to action” to entice people to “LIKE” your page.

An example offer would be something like this:

“Click Like Above To Get Access To _______”

It’s proven that you will get more “Likes” just by making this one small change to your Facebook Page.

Good luck!

- James Grandstaff

James Grandstaff is an Internet Entrepreneur and all around good guy. To find out how he got 52.94% more “Likes” to his Facebook page, check out His Amazing FREE Presentation HERE!

Easter is a Great Time to Send Out Greeting Cards

Send Out Easter CardsEaster Sunday is coming up fast, April 8th is the date this year. Easter is always a great time to send and receive cards with family, friends and business connections.

With your SendOutCards account it is easy to send out cards to those you want to stay in touch with. You can quickly send cards individually or send the same card to many people.

All our cards are mailed out within 24 hours of the time you click the Send Card button. To make sure your cards arrive before Easter Sunday you should send them out no latter than 11pm CDT on Tuesday, April 3rd to arrive at destinations within the USA.

This Saturday, March 31st at 11am CDT I will be doing a 30 minutes live Webinar to go over how to use the SendOutCards system to send the same card to multiple people. You can join me live with the information below. After my presentation I will take your questions over the phone.

1. Please join my meeting from your computer to see the presentation here:

2. Join the conference call by phone here, dial: (559)546-1200 and enter the Meeting ID: 519-972-550 followed by the # key.

You do need to use your computer and phone to watch and hear this!

Additional Help: Joining the Conference – At the scheduled date and time of the online meeting, dial into the conference line and when prompted enter the access code followed by the pound key.

Joining the Meeting – Click on the provided meeting link listed above. On the next page fill out your name and email address in the Join Meeting box. Once filled in, click on the Join Meeting button.

I hope to talk with you Saturday morning at 11am and help you to get those Easter Cards sent out.

SendOutCards Photo Books

I started doing photography wayyy back in my high school days when I was the school newspaper and yearbook photographer. Later I joined the Minnesota Air National Guard and trained as a still photographer doing lots of different types of photo work.

I have always enjoyed photography both still and video. We have come a long way in past years from chemicals and paper for making our prints to digital stills and video. Today most of our family memories are sitting on our computers, smartphones or some other digital storage system. Only on occasion do we ever print them out and put them on our walls or coffee tables for others to see. SendOutCards is making it easy to print out your family photos again and put them out where you and others can see any enjoy them.

Besides being a great greeting card business, SendOutCards is now in the Photo Memory Business with a full line of photo products including; Photo Calendars, Posters and Photo Prints, Large Canvas Photo Prints and Photo Books. You can now upload any photos from your computer to our SOC Photo Store and in minutes design your own custom photo memory items.

Watch this 3 minute video that shows how easy it is to create a Photo Book with SendOutCards.

YouTube Preview Image

Want to learn more or get your own account? Visit my website and use my contact form here:


Linear vs Exponential Income; Thoughts On My 4 Year Anniversary of Freedom

Lately I’ve been thinking about the difference between Linear and Exponential Income. Most of my life I worked for someone else, helping to build their dreams. Doing that only earned me a small linear income which only increased a little most years no matter how hard I worked. I realized a few years ago that this type of income and work was not for me. Looking back over 40 some years I saw how many times I tried my hand at being self employed. Many of those businesses also lead to linear income as I needed to do the work for a client/customer before I could get paid.

Four years ago today, February 25, 2008,  I left my last JOB as the IT manager for one of the largest furniture stores in the USA. Since then I’ve been running my own business mainly doing online business consulting, building websites for local businesses and working as a consultant and affiliate manager for a few primary clients. God has been good to us during these four years and we have been able to do things that we never would have working for “the man.” But… I was still working for linear income because I had to do the work for each client to keep the money coming in.

My wife Leslie and I have dreams of travel, ministry and mission trips in our future after raising 5 kids, our last one just turned 18 last month. I know I want to continue working because the lie of “retirement” is not in my life’s game plan. But I don’t want to continue trading my time for dollars… not even large dollars.

That is why late last October I decided to move my business in a new direction. It was time to start getting some of that exponential income that I’ve seen others like Demarr Zimmerman, Dave Smith, Eric Worre and David Frey pull in. The best solution for me was to start sharing the referral and prospecting system that I had used successfully for the past 4 years to build my consulting business… SendOutCards.

With SendOutCards I am building a team of distributors as well as customers who love using our greeting card and gift sending business. It is so easy to share with others who, once they see how easy it is to use, want to join and start sending cards and gifts themselves. Now I’m building exponential income, small to start with but over the next several months and years it will grow to be much larger than I could ever earn working for someone else building their dream.

Businessman Harvey Mackay, along with many others, has given his endorsement to SendOutCards.

Bottom line; Business is all about building relationships. If you want to make more money and enjoy more lifestyle, you have to build better relationships than the next person. SendOutCards helps to do that both personally and professionally. It’s the first company I have ever endorsed because it fits perfectly with my philosophy. You would have to be crazy no to use it.

You can learn about SendOutCards as a business building system from my SendOutCards website,

If you want to learn more about how you can earn an exponential income like thousands of us in SendOutCards are doing now, visit my website:

I love this business and would love to share it with you. Contact me if you have any questions. My contact info is on the top right of each of the websites above.

SendOutCards Recruiting Mastery Training Event Launches My New Year

Can you see me in the crowd here at the SendOutCards Recruiting Mastery Event? This took place at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah the first week of January 2012. This was a fantastic way to start the New Year and my new business focus for the year.

Henry Griner with the SendOutCards family DeMarr Zimmerman was nice enough to post this photo to Facebook that he took while on the stage at the training event. I added the arrow to point to where I was sitting in the crowd.

This was by far the BEST conference that I ever have attended based on the level of professional production, content, energy of the presenters and the spirit of the people attending. SendOutCards founder and CEO Kody Bateman got us all off to a exciting start with several announcements regarding changes that the company was making to make it very easy for customers to join us and, reducing the cost for new distributors to join the business.

Touring the SendOutCards home office in Salt Lake City, UtahAfter being a member of SendOutCards for just over 4 years I finally had the opportunity to tour the home office which includes our start of the art printing and mailing facility. After nearly 7 years SOC has perfected the systems to print, stuff, stamp and mail out hundreds of thousands of cards and gifts each week.

The week just before Christmas 2011 we topped our previous record by printing and mailing over 2.4 Million cards… in just one week.

SendOutCards is focused on leading the greeting card and gift giving business to new heights as we expand into over 130 countries in the next few years with our network of distributors. Being part of this fast growing company with the goals of helping people to act on their promptings to encourage and bless others while creating a vehicle to provide millions with the financial freedom that comes from owning their own businesses is truely exciting for my wife and I.Touring the SendOutCards home office

You can learn more about our Retail Customer program here:

Or, if you want to learn more about the business opportunity available with SendOutCards, go here:


The Holiday Card System Makes Sending Greeting Cards Fast and Easy

The Holidays at the end of each year can be a very stressful time for many people. Buying, writing out and sending out all those greeting cards for individuals and business owners only adds to the stress.

For the past three years my wife and I have been using a very simple and easy system to send out holiday cards to family, friends and business connections… stress free. We don’t go to the card store and we don’t even go to the post office to mail them. Watch this video from a Webinar replay that I did a few days ago.

Click to watch Holiday Card System Video

Click on the image above to play video.

Amazon Introduces New Kindle Fire with Amazon Silk Web Browser

Amazon Kindle Fire TableToday Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos introduced the world to his new Kindle Fire color tablet which uses the Amazon Silk web browser. This new innovation in technology uses the Amazon EC2 Cloud service to host applications and data in the Amazon Cloud which saves on storage space on the tablet itself.

Kindle Fire brings everything we’ve been working on at Amazon for 15 years together into a single, fully-integrated experience for customers – instant access to Amazon’s massive selection of digital content, a vibrant color IPS touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle, a 14.6 ounce design that’s easy to hold with one hand, a state-of-the-art dual core processor, free storage in the Amazon Cloud, and an ultra-fast mobile browser – Amazon Silk – available exclusively on Kindle Fire.

I have been using Amazon S3 services for over 3 years to host audio and video files for my websites and for my clients. I love what Amazon has provided to me… low cost storage and high availability with high speed streaming of audio and video files. I look forward to giving the new Kindle Fire tablet a try this Fall when it becomes available. Heck, for under $200 it is a super deal. Thanks Mr. Bezos, good move.

Watch this video about the Amazon Silk web browser.

YouTube Preview Image

Moving Onward and Upward with Send Out Cards

In 59 minutes it will be September here in Elk River, Minnesota so I guess I better type this up fast so that it shows that I posted something here in August. :-)

This month has been very busy with new website projects for clients and launching of a new product/service, Mobile Apps for iPhones and Android phones for local business owners. It has also been a time for thinking and planning for the future and that is what I wanted to share with you tonight.

As most of my readers and followers on FB know, I’m a distributor for Send Out Cards and have been for over three years. I joined after seeing a presentation by my friend Larry Benet and liked how he showed he used it for prospecting and following up with clients as well as staying in touch with family and friends by sending real printed greeting cards in the mail. I’ve used Send Out Cards that way myself but didn’t really look at the business opportunity it holds until lately.

In the past several weeks a number of things have happened that opened my eyes to the real potential that Send Out Cards has for me and my family in the coming months and years. If you are reading this and frustrated about trying to find a way to bring in extra income please watch the short 3 minute video from this link.

If you are interested in learning about a successful network marketer who joined Send Out Cards in the past year and why he did it, you can also watch the video below from Eric Worre. Eric made over $5 million dollars in the past 5 years with another network marketing business but decided to move into SOC. Watch the video to learn why.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.

If you want to learn more about Send Out Card be sure to watch the 3 minute video and you can also contact me directly from the link there or my website here.

Testing New QR Code Tools at

I was on the phone yesterday with Mike Stewart and he gave me a tip about using as a place to create QR Codes for my business clients. Mike likes this website because it allows him to create an EPS vector file which printers can use and make a QR code any size you want.

There are lots of other cool features too besides being able to save QR codes as EPS files. Have a look at my public page at If you have an iPhone or Android with a QR Codes Reader be sure to scan my QR code to get my information.