Microsoft + Yahoo, Deal or No Deal?

So, Bill Gates is interested in having Microsoft buy Yahoo for $44.6 Billion (yes, that’s the “B” word for money) dollars.

I usually do a quick check of my email in the morning while watching the last few minutes of local news just before the NBC Today Show comes on. About the same time as I read about the possible purchase of Yahoo by Microsoft I heard the announcer for the Today Show intro that news as one of the leading stories this morning. Wow! Now that’ an interesting start to the month of February!
I would like to get some thoughts from online marketers as to how you think this might affect business and advertising, if it would, for the thousands of Internet marketers doing business using MSN and Yahoo as advertising outlets. Please take a few minutes to add your comments below… let’s see how we do for “Crystal Ball’ing” the future with Bill Gates running Yahoo.

Below are a few links to some of the news stories already on the Internet about the Microsoft + Yahoo wedding. So, what do you think… Deal or No Deal?

Microsoft’s News Statement


Larry Dignan

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